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Compliance Packaging

Compliance Packaging

Blister packaging can make taking and remembering to take medication easier and can relieve the burden of managing complex medication regimens. We take pride in providing weekly, biweekly or monthly options for blister packs, tailoring them to suit individual needs.

Prescription Delivery and Mail-Out Service

Prescription Delivery and Mail-Out Service

We offer free delivery within Whitehorse: downtown, Riverdale, Takhini, Granger, Lobird, Copper Ridge, Arkell, McIntyre, Ingram, Logan, Valleyview, Hillcrest, Whistlebend, Porter Creek, Crestview. We offer mail-out services to all Yukon communities via Express Post

Minor Ailment Prescribing

Minor Ailment Prescribing

Recent legislative changes now allow pharmacists to assess and prescribe for a range of minor ailments. Please call or stop in to discuss options with our pharmacist team

Travel Consultations

Travel Consultations

We have team members certified to provide consultation and prescribe for travel vaccines and preventative travel medicine (eg malaria prevention). Please call to book an appointment.

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Naloxone Kit

Naloxone kit distribution and training

Our pharmacists can help guide you through the process of using Naloxone kits in urgent situations. We have both Naloxone nasal spray and injection kits available for distribution from our pharmacies

Counselling and consultations

Counselling and consultations

With every prescription dispensed, our pharmacists are available to provide support and advice, and to answer any questions you may have about your medications. We also strive to advocate and help clients navigate coverage of medications through both public and private health care plans

Arm Bandage

Flu vaccination

Flu shots are publicly funded for all Yukon residents. Pharmacists are able to provide vaccines to clients 5 years and older. Medicine Chest Pharmacy has appointments available for booking on-line or by calling.


Vaccine Bottle and Syringe

Shingrix vaccination

The shingles vaccine is currently publicly funded for Yukon residents aged 65-79 years. It is also recommended and may be covered by private insurance for other age groups or in other situations. Please call to book an appointment or to discuss with our team

Snow on Trees

Smoking Cessation Support and Counselling

Our pharmacists have the ability and background to help support clients in their journey to become nicotine free. They all hold licenses allowing them to prescribe medications that can be helpful to reduce withdrawal effects when quitting smoking. Please call us for an appointment to discuss options that might be best for you.

Other vaccinations or injections

Other vaccinations or injections

Please call us to discuss and/or book any other injections or vaccinations (for clients 5 years and older)

Green Medicine Bottle

Medication Reviews

Our pharmacists are available on an appointment basis to review your medications. The goal of a medication review is to identify and minimize potential adverse effects, provide advice on how best to take individual medications, discuss what each medication is intended for, identify and address any medication related problems and to optimize therapy for your health condition. Please call to book an appointment with us

Medicine on Keyboard

On-line Refill Requests

Requesting your refills on-line is easy and available to place 24/7. Please give our team at least 24 hours notice (1 business day) to process these requests and prepare your prescriptions.

On-line Refills